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“P2CLUB CODE" is a 12-week computer coding program designed to empower and equip young learners with coding skills and computational thinking abilities while allowing them to explore their interests in storytelling, game development, and web development."

For more information on how you can register a student please contact us.


Our primary goal is to provide a supportive and engaging learning environment that equips students with fundamental coding skills . We want to nurture their curiosity and passion for technology while building a strong foundation for future learning and careers in the digital age.


Our teaching style is interactive, hands-on, and tailored to the individual needs of students. Instructors act as mentors, guiding students as they tackle challenges and fostering a collaborative learning environment.

What We Do

  • Introduce Fundamental Concepts

  • Explore Multiple Programming Languages

  • Promote Creative Problem Solving

  • Develop Digital Literacy

  • Showcase Projects and Achievement

Program  Offering

Beginners: Introduction to Coding

  • Basics of Coding​

  • Creative Storytelling​

  • Game Development Basics​

  • Game Mechanics​

  • Graphics and Animation​

  • Multiplayer Games

Intermediate /Advance Stage

  • Introduction to Web Development

  • Basics of HTML and CSS​​ 

  • Interactivity with JavaScript​

  • Web Projects

  • Integrating multimedia and animations​

  • Dynamic Web Development​

  • Building dynamic web applications

Kids Resource Center

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