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Best Home Schooling Tips for Beginner's

Updated: May 23, 2020

Amid Covid-19 thousands of schools have closed, leaving many parents to home school their children. Whether you’re just temporarily homeschooling, or you want to home school permanently; ProdiGY Prep is here to offer you some excellent tips as to how to provide the very best home school experience for you and your child.

Create an Environment for Learning

Designate a specific area of your home toward homeschooling. Doing this will allow your child’s brain to associate with learning and serves to enhance their concentration.

First determine where you want to conduct your classes. Will classes be held in the dining room? A guest room? Or your entertainment room? No matter where your classroom area is located, make sure you have a desk with essential school supplies like notebooks, computers, pencils.

You want your child to associate this area with learning and concentration as much as possible. Get organized by purchasing textbooks, a calendar, and a blackboard for assignment. Use baskets to further organize school supplies.

Set A Schedule

It’s important to abide by a schedule so you don’t get off track while homeschooling. Create a weekly plan. Set goals you want to achieve for that week or day.

A huge part of succeeding at homeschooling, is your ability to organize and adhere to a schedule. There are plenty of tools and resources available to help you keep on track while educating your child at home. For example, you can purchase an academic plan book that will instruct you on how to plan out your child's daily lessons.

Make sure your schedule is flexible and plan for recreational activities like field trips. For younger children in elementary school, it’s wise to teach only two subjects per day, while rotating topics throughout the week to get the best academic result. Keep lessons short for young children since their attention span is shorter. A lesson lasting 30 minutes per subject is ideal to help children stay focused.

Create a time for physical activities and games

Children’s main way of learning, especially in elementary school, is through fun activity and play. Do not spend several hours teaching one subject straight. Setting a time for physical activity allows the brain to rejuvenate and creativity to flow.

Join a Local Homeschooling Group

Meeting in homeschooling groups will allow your questions to be answered, you can review and improve your teaching habits, and create more effective habits which enhance homeschooling for you and your child. You can learn about activities your child can do, field trips your child can do to and much more.

Make room for extracurricular activities or time to interact with other children

Although COVID-19 might make it difficult for children to interact with their peers, it’s still important for kids to learn social skills. Encourage children to keep in touch with their peers by joining extracurricular activities. You might want to use Zoom or Face Time or the Messenger Kids app to enable regular social Interaction.

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