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How to Boost Students' Confidence

Updated: May 28, 2020

Building confidence in students is essential. Confident students tend to be more verbal, answering and asking questions and they learn new material easily. Shyer students may have trouble asking questions or asking for help whenever they have a problem or become less verbal.

However, there are various strategies that can boost a student's confidence. It’s important that we get students confident enough about their academic abilities so that they feel good about themselves and their abilities to perform well academically.

Compliment your students accomplishments

A great way to boost your students' confidence is by using positive words of praise and compliments. If your student has done a task well; acknowledge that fact by giving them a compliment. If the student needs to improve on a specific task, you can start by saying a positive, uplifting statement first then politely say how they can improve on a specific task. Always remind the student of the progress and improvement they have made and how far they have come.

Ask about your student's interests

You can build your students confidence by encouraging them to do more of what they love and are naturally good at. Students and children love it when you ask them about their interests. This is a good way to boost their confidence.

Help your Student Develop Positive Self talk

The way your student thinks and talks about themselves plays a hand in their self-esteem and confidence. If they are thinking thoughts like “I'm not as smart as others” or “I'm naturally not social” these thoughts can lead to feelings of dis-empowerment and low self-esteem.

A. It’s important to teach your student how to think positively. Teach them how not to be harsh on themselves and how to reframe irrational negative thoughts.

B. For example, instead of telling themselves “I'm not smart at math and I'm going to fail math because I'm stupid” and replace it with “I can work hard and improve my math skills. I got this. I'm going to pass”.

Teach Your Student the Concept of Self-Improvement

Sometimes students feel feelings of low self esteem and failure when they aren’t performing well in a specific subject area. This can dampen their confidence and some students erroneously conclude that they are just not smart and stop trying to learn. ​It’s important to get children to accept their flaws while aiming toward improvement. Encourage them to find ways to improve or ways to get better.

Encourage Your Student to Try New Activities

Trying new and different activities will encourage your students to gain confidence and discover talents. Encourage your student to join a club, play an instrument, or volunteer. By trying out different activities, it will allow your child or student to acquire new skill set which boosts their confidence.

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