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Our Founder: Ann Booker's Biography

Updated: May 23, 2020

Ann Booker Founder of ProdiGY Prep. Before starting ProdiGYPrep Children Exploration Engagement and Development (CHEED) program.

Ms. Booker worked with several vulnerable populations including the developmentally disabled, the elderly, and the homeless, among others. After a successful career in Public Health and health care, Ms. Booker now takes her training and passion to educate a younger generation on the importance of Health and Science.

Ms. Booker academic achievement and diversified background includes a bachelor’s in Health Science from Hunter College CUNY and a master’s in Public Health (Epidemiology and Behavioral Health Science/Health Education) from New York Medical College. 

Ms. Booker worked at several reputable health care facilities including NYU Langone Medical Center, and Bellevue Hospital. Her Public Health involvement includes, working with the Healthy Initiative Project at Rutgers University to volunteering at Kings County Hospital.

Despite a rewarding career in health care, Ms. Booker notes that health and education are not independent of each other and that knowledge is key. She brings her enthusiasm, experiences, and knowledge for the greater good.

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